Lyrics Viet Nam


Cam On Me

No matter where I go, I hope to return home.
No matter where I go far away, I am always grateful.
The song of a cup of rice, love and love for my mother (love mother warming yesterday)
At the same time, the sound of the day's poetry is ruined
Wait a while in May dream
Mom, I remember I will never forget, my childhood gave me
Still want to tell the world I love you
With all love carrying cover
I hear my advice, my advice: I will love this life (I will not fall)

Mother is the inner stream, mother is the immense sea, embracing love in her heart, giving life to her children.
How many full moon and few new moon, mother because of my health. (mother because I faded my hair)
My mother is a flower, my mother is a folk song, giving me a sincere love to know you
How much sweet, love before. Mom, I miss you so much (thank you mom)

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