Lyrics Viet Nam


Chot Lai La Em Muon Chia Tay

I said we didn't match
Actually, my heart has been lost
I said you were different
Because I don't want you to be with me anymore
Who between us now
Who is going to say separation sentences
With a gentle feeling

His tears fell once
Although it was only in the moment I thought back
But sure in this moment
There is no way I could say that I was wrong
Between the darkness he faded
Right in the place where I was
Hold me and say I love you

Why do two people keep seeing each other silently
Just look at each other with eyes away from emotionless
Although he tried to change this situation
But why haven't you changed

You look at me
Why is it the last time
I became so cold
After all, I want to break up with you, right?

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