Lyrics Viet Nam


Don Coi Tinh Toi

After all, love and love together
Suddenly love embryos embrace his pain, that's all
I used to spend the night with him alone
The heart can not regain love

The song written on it contains sorrow
How long have you been out of love when I was silent?
Like standing in the middle of a vast space, very lonely
Because horizontal love is now forced to dissolve

Because he loves me, he embraces pain
No resentment for a love affair
See you hurry
Then hold the hand on the side of each lover

Out in the rain, the rain was falling, which made his heart feel better
Pain left when I asked anyone
His tears fell
When you look at me, take a step away

A love affair with someone who wants someone to be sad
Coming together just hope for a silver day
But I don't care
Going along the line of life is sprawling

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