Lyrics Viet Nam


Minh Da Tung Yeu

Don't be afraid to hurt me
Because of the injuries I gave you so long
My heart wanted to leave
So you just go with someone you!

I used to love and love you
I still miss you all my life.
Although we are no longer together
There are no more years to come

He never thought
The two of them split apart
Why do you love me?
Love to the heart is also zero

Now let go of each other
Let love fade, even though this heart is bleeding
Better than trying to be together
But I kept dreaming about who I was

I used to love each other so much
How to swear together together
Why can't it be because of each other?
Before the days together are too late

He screamed dandruff in golden nostalgia
Hurry to find you where you don't land
Let anyone wait
Whoever ignored a dream

I blame you for believing and loving you
I can't see you changing
How many people wear out there
Still love you travel for me to lie
For now we are no longer together
He hugged the pain like the one who came later
A person who keeps hoping
Even if a person doesn't remember it

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