Lyrics Viet Nam


Nguoi Yeu Co Ay

If the person you are in love with
It's because I came before you came
Just a few words I want you to hear
Why do I want to share.

Because I understand very well who I уу
By all means help me what I lack
Don't make her sad
Don't make her bother
If you want me to do everything I can.

Who did I love every day?
Oh yes, I was listening to her
And sometimes she thinks that no-one sadness no one does
It was when she needed him to come to Russia.

She kissed her when she was awake
He has put his wings on the ground, so he is lying on the ground
And ask how she sleeps
And how to hug him
Because she likes it once she loves someone
And I thank you.

* Let her shine forever
Make her happy if you want to marry
Love her the most in the world
Because she's inherently wonderful
Just because the person I love, I really worry a lot.

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