Lyrics Viet Nam


Nhung Ngay Vui Tro Lai

Don't go feeling lonely in me every day
I know my heart really needs me
Don't hug me your hand is too strange now
I got used to the sadness.

I don't want to carelessly let go of your hand like that again
Do not want to regret in every dream
To meet him, love him is grace or debt
Try to forget the more you remember.

Let me hold you tight like before
I don't want to cry every night
Please forget the painful days
I just need someone who loves stars so hard.

Let me hold you tight behind your back
I just want to be warm like that all my life
Could I love each other?
Could I be together again?
And there will be happy days.

He apologized for breaking up without pain is a lie
Not everyone hid their love
Thinking of him in his heart was both happy and sad
When I want to laugh at tears.

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