Lyrics Viet Nam


Noi Dau Minh Anh

Trying to close his eyes, he walked quickly and erased all his past and me
Even if it was too much, I could not
Because of the words I promised you no longer believe
I can't go back like before

When I was the most miserable brother, I said forever because of each other
Why only you with sorrow
Now the happy day is over
Please see my love as a past

Now our path doesn't go (walk) together
Regret is over
Please forget me like you used to
Go with happiness on whoever comes back with the love I choose
Remembering in him was dead

Even though I go now, it hurts
Swallowing tears (tears fall) in silence
But he couldn't forget the mistakes
Looking at me leaving the step away, I am so happy
Painful today you keep
Can not fade.

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