Lyrics Viet Nam


Nu Cuoi Khong Vui

Since I was apart, I tried to hide,
real pain deep in my heart.
If anyone asks why we split,
I said it because you're not good.

Even if the person who left is the one who changed, it is me,
Tear away the heart you walk accidentally,
Still do not let the world complain for half a word
So he said because he was not good.

The day he left, he swallowed tears back into his heart
Let me turn my back on anyone I will feel relieved.
The smile on his lips wished me happy tomorrow
And his heart swallowed tears silently.

People around don't know how to think he's laughing
Nobody or his heart is broken all his life
Because I love you so much love so much
Should be absent from you forever I laugh unhappy ...

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