Lyrics Viet Nam


Yeu Nhau Di Em Oi

Ver 1:
Another cold, lonely winter has just arrived
I alone walked on the familiar path
How many people laugh, their hands tightly knit
Never mind how long I have always been alone without anyone

Then from a distance I saw her walking closer
The innocent smile makes the heart stop sleeping
Love and love - definitely love
Little girl, I fell in love

Love each other - I'm more beautiful than ever
Love each other, dear - I love you to love
Love like my mother loves me - love as he loves her
La la la la will be the same roof

Where are you, my dear, where did you go with me?
Where you have your footsteps is where you will go
Because I love you, I love you, love my brother and sister
Love each other, my dear Noel is coming

Rap 1:
I love each other, honey
Mai is pretty good
We have a couple, why should this Christmas season be lonely?
I love each other so I can hold my hands tightly down the street
This winter is very cold but I have you here, don't worry
Because when I'm by my side, I always feel like the sky stops
When placing a kiss on his own beautiful lips as well as about to stop breathing
Because you are the girl you dreamed of
That's why ...

Ver 2
Love each other - I will always share the same way
I am right, I should not say so, please do not refuse
Because I'm lonely - I am lonely na
Should always give his hand enough to where only my own couple

He gave birth to every son so he always loved it very much
His mother is like his father, so he takes care of his daughter very much
So I don't worry about my family - I will always be peaceful
Let's love each other, so soon I will bring my betel nut to my heart

Rap 2:
Please head on a few guys
Like in the dream he rabbits
Because he was afraid that we would get lost on Hanoi's streets too many cars
If ... I'm secretly mixed in but the street is crowded
I will find alkaline because I don't have the courage to let you go away

Sometimes he thinks but only exists in the moment
He could recognize him in every smile or cry
Every time I leave each other, I will stop when I face
I cried and ran to hug him, my shoulders breaking in hiccups

My eyes are the key for you every morning
My bank is a solid fulcrum for your heart to stay
I am the emotion to pen rolling on the line of purple ink
Although time passes but does not fade but always remains in the heart

I want to be the one who puts a kiss on my lips every morning
I want you to understand every time I hear you
He knew that even though his girl was sometimes better than her

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